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About Statements

Account documents available online include:

Some documents are PDFs, which require the free Adobe® Reader®.

What is the purpose of the "My Notes" feature on the Statements and Trade Confirmation pages within

The "My Notes" feature on your Statement and Trade Confirm pages allows you to associate your own notes regarding your account or confirmation statements. By clicking on "Add" or "Edit" within the My Notes column for the Statement/Trade Confirmation date chosen. You may enter a note of up to 100 characters. Each note is associated to a specific statement or trade confirmation. While these notes are not intended to be communications to Fidelity, they are covered under Fidelity's Privacy Policy, and you should not include any notes that are confidential, personal or contain sensitive information. All questions or inquiry to Fidelity, should be addressed to Contact Us.

How many years of statements, trade confirmations, tax forms, prospectuses, financial reports, and other documents are available online?

What are account records?

Account records are confirmations of recent activity or changes in your account. These include new account profiles, which summarize information about a new account, and revised account profiles, which show changes to your account, such as a new mailing address, or a new account feature, like check writing or options trading.

What are interested party statements?

Interested party statements are copies of another individual's account statements that the account owner has authorized you to receive.

What are the different ways I can view account documents online?

Monthly and quarterly account statements, and prospectuses/reports are available to view as web pages.

You can also view monthly and quarterly account statements, year-end investment reports, interested party statements, trade confirmations, tax forms, and account records as PDFs, for better print quality (PDFs require Adobe®Reader®.)

What different kinds of account statements does Fidelity provide?

Statements on single accounts show:

Consolidated statements include a summary section, which treats the accounts included in the report as a portfolio. The summary section displays information on changes in portfolio value, value by account, income summary, and commission level.

In a consolidated statement, the account details section is broken out by account. In some cases, the volume of information about the included accounts can become quite large. To avoid long loading times, the consolidated statement may link to separate pages for each included account's details.

For viewing convenience, you can hide the information in a section by clicking the gold minus sign to the left of the section's title. You can always show the information again by clicking the gold plus sign to the left of the section's title.

Can I add or remove accounts from the report I'm viewing?

Yes. You can customize the statement you're currently viewing to include other accounts by clicking the Add or Remove Accounts link near the top of the statement. The accounts must share the same statement start and end date. You must select at least one eligible account to view a statement.

Adding or removing accounts this way changes the set of accounts that appears on your statement for the current viewing only. You can also permanently group the accounts that appear on your statements.

Note: this option is not currently available for your annuity accounts.

Can I search for the trade confirmation of a particular security?

Yes. You can search trade confirmations by clicking Filter by Symbol and entering a symbol, CUSIP, SEDOL or ISIN. Currency exchanges are currently not searchable by symbol.

Note: this option is not currently available for your annuity accounts. You can view your annuity transaction confirmations on the Account Records tab.

What if I don't see my account documents online?

If you do not see account documents under your Social Security Number (SSN), Tax Identification Number (TIN), or Username, it may be that:

For account documents not available online, contact a Fidelity representative at 800-544-6666 or for annuity accounts 800-634-9361.

How do I obtain more information about my tax forms?

For information about current year tax forms, click the Info link associated with the tax form to view the tax reporting statement for the relevant tax year. This information includes IRS instructions and guide to understanding your statement, with FAQs.

Where can I see this year's tax information online?

To view year-to-date tax information go to Accounts & Trade > Portfolio and select Tax Info (Year-to-Date) from the Select Action drop-down menu for your account.

How do I print an account document?

For better quality, we recommend you print account documents in PDF format, which requires Adobe® Reader®.

How do I save an account document to my computer?

For better print quality, we recommend that you save account documents in PDF format, which requires Adobe® Reader®.

How do I consolidate my statements so I only receive one statement per month or quarter?

If you have multiple accounts and receive multiple statements, individual statements appear separately online. In some cases, Fidelity may automatically consolidate some of your eligible statements. You can also consolidate your eligible statements by completing the Consolidate Accounts into a Household Relationship form. This allows you to specify which accounts you would like to see on one statement. You can find this form under Related Links on the Statements page (requires Adobe® Reader®).

Note: your annuity accounts are not available for consolidation with your other personal investing accounts.

I receive too much paper. How do I stop paper delivery and access my statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses, financial reports, and other documents online?

To stop receiving most statements and other documents in the mail, sign up for Fidelity's electronic delivery program. You'll receive e-mail notification when the latest version of your documents are available online. You can access this service from the link in the gold box in the upper right of the Statements, Trade Confirmations or Prospectuses/Reports page.

I receive my check copies with my statement. How will I receive these if I enroll in the Fidelity Electronic Delivery Program?

If you've signed up for Fidelity's electronic delivery program for your statements, imaged copies of your checks will be mailed to you under separate cover.

I'm enrolled in the Fidelity Electronic Delivery program. Why do I still receive statements in the mail?

If you've signed up for the electronic delivery program for statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses, financial reports, or other documents, and you are still receiving documentation in the mail, it may be because:

Note that Fidelity Life Insurance customers will continue receiving a separate statement reporting on their life insurance policy or annuity contract.

Who can I call if I'm having trouble accessing my documents?

If you have technical questions about viewing, saving, or printing your documents, please call a Fidelity representative at 800-544-6666.

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