Fidelity® Cash Manager Demo Transcript

You know how much cash you need to cover everyday spending and paying bills. And you know how much you want on hand for the occasional unexpected expense. Still, like a lot of people, you probably bounce between having too little and too much cash in your account. Fidelity® Cash Manager helps ensure you will have the cash you need, when you need it, and lets you put extra cash to work for you. Best of all, it's free.


Here's how it works.


In a typical week, Tom uses the cash in his Fidelity® Cash Management Account for everyday expenses. But Tom has to check his balance frequently to make sure he has the money he needs. And when he's short on cash, he has to transfer it from other accounts.


To make life a little easier, Tom links his other Fidelity accounts and his bank account to his Fidelity® Cash Management Account.


He likes to have at least two thousand and no more than ten thousand dollars available in this account for regular expenses. Using the Cash Manager he sets his balance range and alerts accordingly. If his cash balance drops below two thousand dollars at the end of the day he receives an alert and available cash moves automatically from his linked accounts.


By taking advantage of self-funded overdraft protection and alerts, Tom can spend with confidence when the occasion arises. This feature kicks in immediately if Tom's spending exceeds his balance. Then overnight money is moved automatically by the Cash Manager to restore his $2000 balance.


Most importantly, the Cash Manager helps Tom's money work smarter. How? When his balance exceeds ten thousand dollars, Tom is alerted, so he can move the extra cash to an investment account. This way, he can devote more money to his long-term goals and potentially grow his investment portfolio.


Fidelity Cash Manager helps you manage your cash while you maximize its potential. Sign up today.

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