Deposits and Withdrawals

Transfer Regularly to/from Your Account

Automatic Investments Schedule automatic transfers to a mutual fund position, IRA, or 529 account from your bank or brokerage Core account. Free1
Automatic Withdrawals Schedule automatic transfers from your Fidelity account to another Fidelity account or a bank account. Free1
Direct Deposit Your employer deposits your paycheck to your Fidelity account. Free1

Move Money Between Fidelity and Other Accounts

Electronic Funds Transfer One to three business days to transfer money between your bank and Fidelity accounts. Free
Wire Money Same day transfer to wire available money between Fidelity and your bank using the Federal Reserve Wiring System. Fees may apply
Transfer Between Two Fidelity Accounts One business day to transfer between eligible Fidelity accounts. Free
Transfer Accounts from Another Institution Three to five weeks to move an account to Fidelity. View Account Transfer Status. Free2
Transfer to An Annuity Contribute to your Fidelity tax-deferred variable annuity by transferring money from your Fidelity mutual fund or brokerage account.  
Exercise Employee Stock Options Sign up for Fidelity's stock option service and instruct Fidelity to exercise your stock options. Commissions and other fees may apply
Send a Check Addresses and instructions to deposit a check to your account. Free
Send in Stock Certificates Addresses and instructions to deposit stock certificates to your brokerage account. Free

Withdraw the Cash in Your Fidelity Account

Credit and ATM Cards Immediate access to the cash in your Fidelity account. Fees may apply
Checkwriting Write checks on the cash in your account. Free
Bill Payment Pay bills directly from your Fidelity Account. Free
Request a Check Have a check sent from your account or have checks sent automatically on scheduled dates. Free
  1. Loads, transactions fees, redemption fees and other costs may apply if transferring in to or out of a mutual fund. Please consult your mutual fund's prospectus for more information.
  2. The financial institution you are transferring from may charge fees.

Important Information from the FINRA Regarding Anti-Money Laundering Requirements.