Transferring Assets to Fidelity

Please review the information below and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before you get started.


The registration of your existing Fidelity account must match the registration of the account you are transferring. If the registrations are not identical, either establish a new account online with the same registration as the account being transferred to Fidelity or include a new account application with your transfer form.

Retirement Assets

Certain restrictions apply if you are transferring retirement assets including IRAs and Keoghs. Please review the FAQs for more information. If you are directly rolling over a distribution from an employer-sponsored retirement plan, please complete a Fidelity Rollover IRA application, and follow the instructions on how to complete your rollover.

Mutual Funds

If you hold proprietary mutual funds at your current firm, generally you will need to liquidate them and transfer the proceeds to Fidelity. Like money market mutual funds, most proprietary mutual funds can only be held by the issuer and cannot be transferred.

Certificate of Deposit

A CD generally requires four weeks to transfer. Submit your transfer of assets request when the maturity date of your CD is between 30 days and 60 days of maturity. Please be aware that if your CD has a maturity date of over 60 days, your current custodian may reject your transfer request.

Margin and/or Options

If you are transferring Margin and/or Options positions, you must have an approved Margin and/or Options application with Fidelity. Margin is available only for brokerage non-retirement accounts. Options trading is available for all brokerage accounts. Applications for Margin and Options are available online.

Foreign Securities

If you are transferring foreign securities, you may re-registration and annual carrying fees. Call a Fidelity Representative at 1-800-544-6666 for further information.

Limited Partnerships

If you hold Limited Partnership units, you may experience a transfer delay due to the re-registration or liquidation process. You may also face substantial re-registration and annual carrying fees. Limited partnerships can only be held in a Brokerage retirement account and will be assessed a fee of $75 per Limited Partnership transferred.

Transferring an Annuity from an Insurance Company

If you are transferring your IRA assets from an insurance company, you may be required to include the original policy and/or separate surrender form. Contact your insurance company for their specific requirements.

What you will need

All you need is the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, available free from Adobe's Web site. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to download many of Fidelity's brochures and fund prospectuses, and the materials you need to open or update an account, as single files, known as PDF documents.