Beneficiary Designation Forms

Manage beneficiaries online

You can establish or update the beneficiaries on your Fidelity retirement or brokerage (non-retirement) accounts online.

Beneficiary update forms

Establish or update the beneficiary on your Fidelity retirement accounts, brokerage non-retirement accounts, or annuities using the forms below1. The beneficiaries you designate will receive payment of the value of your account(s) following your death.

Retirement Accounts

Generally, any beneficiary designation change to a retirement account for which Fidelity Management Trust Company (or successor) acts as custodian will apply to that account only.

Non-Retirement Accounts

To designate beneficiaries on a Fidelity account registered as Individual, Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship, and Tenants by Entirety, use the:

Designation of beneficiaries on a Fidelity account establishes a transfer on death (TOD) registration on the account. This registration is governed by the Fidelity Investments Designated Beneficiary Agreement. TOD allows your account to be distributed upon your death for an individual account and upon the death of the surviving account holder for a Joint Tenant with Right of Survivorship account and Tenants by Entirety account directly to the beneficiaries you designate.

College Investing Plan Accounts

To designate a Successor Participant (transfer account ownership due to death) for your 529 College Investing Plan account, use the:

To change the beneficiary and transfer the account balance from your existing 529 College Investing Plan account to an account for a new beneficiary, use the:


To add or change the designated beneficiary for a tax-deferred or income annuity, use the form below in the Annuities section or request online:

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

To add or change the designated beneficiary for an HSA, use the:

  1. For a 401(k) or 403(b) account held by Fidelity Investments, please contact your employer's plan administrator.