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There’s a better way to pay your bills—with Fidelity BillPay. From anywhere you have Internet access, with just a few clicks, you can receive and pay bills electronically and view payment history and reminders.

Not only that, Fidelity BillPay can tell you when your bills are due, and when you need to pay them to ensure they’re paid on time. And we guarantee your payments will be made safely, securely and accurately. Best of all? As a Fidelity customer, you get all of this for free.


Payment Center

It’s fast, easy, and convenient to pay and manage all of your bills using Fidelity BillPay’s Payment Center. From this centralized location you can add a biller, pay bills and set up to receive bills electronically, commonly known as ebills. You can also view reminders, see pending payments, and view recent payments.


Adding a Biller

Setting up your billers with the Fidelity BillPay Quick Add feature is easy. Suppose you want to pay your housekeeper, simply type in his or her phone number, and Fidelity BillPay finds the company or person.


Paying a Bill

To pay a bill, enter the amount you want to pay. Fidelity BillPay’s calendar will then enter the earliest available pay date. Electronic Payments are debited from your account on the Payment Date you selected. The Payment Assistant displays recent and pending payments. If a payment is processed via laser check, then your funds will be debited from your account on the date that the check is presented for payment. Best of all, your money earns interest until the payment is debited from your account.

If you prefer, use the calendar dropdown to choose a different delivery date. Remember, the longer your money stays in your account, the harder it works for you. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing we guarantee your payments will be paid promptly and accurately, with the same dedication to safety and security you’ve come to expect from Fidelity. Once you schedule your payment, it appears in the Pending Payments box.


Setting Up an Automatic Payment

Set up an automatic payment and Fidelity BillPay will pay it for you accurately and on time. Just enter how much, when to start, how often, and for how long, and Fidelity BillPay’s automatic payment feature will pay your recurring bills for you.



By signing up for eBills, paying your bills is even easier because you’ll never have to search through a pile of paper bills again. When an eBill arrives, Fidelity BillPay will alert you by e-mail and let you know when your payment is due.

Then all you have to do is point, click, and pay. When you click the button to pay your eBill, the payment date is automatically set to the due date, so your bill will get paid on time. With Fidelity BillPay, you can set up a variety of alerts and reminders, so even if you forget, Fidelity BillPay remembers for you.

You can choose to receive an e-mail in addition to an online Bill Reminder when your eBill arrives, your payment is sent, your payment is pending, or if your bill is overdue.


Payment History

On the Payment Center, you can view recent payments at a single glance, and with just one more click, you can view your bill history. You can even download your Fidelity BillPay information to a money management tool, like Quicken.



Fidelity BillPay®. . . easy, smart, fast, and convenient. And best of all, it’s free.

Important Legal Information

1. If we fail to make timely delivery of any payments to a payee that has been properly scheduled by you in accordance with the Conditions of the Service, we'll pay any late payment penalties you incur up to $50. See the Fidelity BillPay Service Agreement for complete details.

2. Fidelity BillPay is not intended to make alimony payments, child support payments, insurance payments, tax payments or any court-ordered payment. Please refer to the Fidelity BillPay Service Agreement for complete details

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